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What snackers are saying

“SNACKWITH Market has introduced me to so many delicious snacks with great ingredients and so many new brands to love! Along with the snacks, the promotion of self-love and #nofilter mentality makes SW a brand you’ll easily fall in love with!"

- Kaylie F.

"The snack box allows me to conveniently try fun new snacks. No more going to the store and feeling overwhelmed with all the options. No more wasting time reading food labels and wondering what’s healthy or not."

- Emily G.

"Okay okay you caught me....I have a countdown on my phone til the next snack with box arrives! This box is the best way that I have found to try new healthy snacks and to also support small businesses. It is also created and run by a girl that couldn’t be more personable! You’ll catch me ordering a box again and again because I just can’t get enough!"

- Lauren M.

Our Story

"When I was in recovery from my eating disorder, I learned how important it is to eat whole food ingredients to nourish my body. However, when I was a freshman at college, it was really hard to eat healthy. So that's why I started SNACKWITH Market, your one-stop shop for all things snacks."