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How to know that you are the “correct” bodyweight?

If you’re not sure what weight your body should be, we like to ask ourselves these questions…

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Annie’s Favorite Snacks

At SNACKWITH Market, I work as our “Chief of Snacks”. My role includes conducting sales, developing brand partnerships, and taste testing every snack that we include in our boxes and on the marketplace.

The perfect snacks every college student needs

Health & Wellness

10 Ways To Live Mindfully

Almost every busy person usually likes to think that they don’t have time for their personal development…

Health & Wellness

Setting Positive Intentions

How to energize your mind and set positive intentions every morning…

Healthy Snack Starter Pack


#NOFILTER Event 2021 Audio

In case you missed our #NOFILTER Event or you want to listen to the amazing advice alll over again – now’s your chance…

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The Positive Switch

Do you find yourself constantly trying to stay more positive and mindful? I first discovered the “I AM” app when I realized a wave of anxiety hit me that I could not brush off…

Health & Wellness

7 Affirmations For Your Week

STEP 1: Wake up & open the windows opt towards not looking at your phone…


Meet The Founder

My freshman year of college was when I realized how difficult being on my own is going to be…