How to know that you are the “correct” bodyweight?

If you’re not sure what weight your body should be, we like to ask ourselves these questions: 

  1. Am I moving my body and exercising in a way that makes me feel good?
  2. Am I eating healthy whole foods that make me feel good and fuel my body all day?
  3. Am I surrounding myself with people who uplift me and bring good energy?
  4. Am I practicing meditation and mindfulness that helps me control my stress or using other methods that calm my mind?
  5. Am I getting proper sleep and rest?

Sleep, movement, and stress are just some of the many ways that contribute to bloating, indigestion, poor sleep etc. Rather than letting some number of the scale determine your worth there could be different signs in your environment that need adjusting. Whether that’s sleeping three hours or having a stressful day your weight is supposed to fluctuate! And maybe those last five pounds that you are trying to lose is your body’s way of telling you that your body actually needs that weight on your body.

Moral of the story: your worth is more than some number on the scale. Instead, ask yourself the questions above to see if you need to improve your internal and external environments.

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