Meet The Founder

My freshman year of college was when I realized how difficult being on my own is going to be. Now, I’m not writing to say that paying your bills, buying your own groceries, or doing your laundry are the difficult adulting things that I had to learn once stepping outside my home. Rather it was the need to take care of your body with the right nourishment and self-care in a completely new environment.

I had stepped onto my college campus feeling inspired, motivated, and ready to start this new chapter of my life. However, the college campus food that was being offered to students was nothing short then tasteless rubber meat, bland grains, and minimal vegetables and fruit options. I had ended up making my own salad at a salad bar every single day of my freshman year which resulted in me being so sick of salads that I couldn’t even look at one in a looooonng time. 

The bottom line: I was missing my pantry-friendly snacks at home. Let’s just say I was receiving Amazon packages almost daily with different snacking products that I ordered for my dorm to keep me satisfied and not dependent on my school’s food options. I was always on the hunt for brands that were using natural ingredients, low sugar, and minimally processed foods to add to my pantry-friendly snack list. 

After opening up to how I felt on my social media, I had received countless messages from girls feeling limited in their school’s cafeteria offerings. One of my good friends had ended up purchasing almost every snack brand that I had recommended and by that point I was thinking that with Amazon’s lack of pantry snacks, various shipping fees, and time spent searching on other websites to find these healthy snacks that I had an idea to bring all my favorite healthy snack brands in a box that everyone can enjoy. And that is how SNACKWITH Market was born. 

SNACKWITH Market is not just a snack food company but a community that brings food freedom and self-love to its members. SNACKWITH Market is changing the way that we snack. This is a community in which each person can honor their own dietary preference or food intolerances while enjoying food freedom and creating a better relationship with food and their body. At SNACKWITH Market, we want you to find joy and simplicity in snacking. Every SNACKWITH Market box comes with items that we have chosen based on taste and nutritional factors. I’ve personally reached out to my favorite brands across various snacking categories to provide you with the best of the best among healthy snacking brands. Most importantly, SNACKWITH Market lets our customers partly customize their boxes to make sure that you are receiving the snacks you love. 

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