The Positive Switch

Affirmations aren’t that cheesy…

Does the little voice in your head ever seem to quiet down?

Do you find yourself constantly trying to stay more positive and mindful?

I first discovered the “I AM” app when I realized a wave of anxiety hit me that I could not brush off. 

If I’m being honest, an affirmation app was not the first place my mind jumped when looking for ways to re-center. Yet, through past moments of anxiety, I internalized that the only person that could help me calm down was myself. I scoured the internet for positive phrases I could recite to feel grounded, and I so effortlessly stumbled across the “I AM” app which I downloaded in a matter of seconds. After swiping through the decks of phrases within the app, I had already felt so good that I decided to enable notifications and keep the app as a tool for creating a better self every day.

Well, I never really thought an app could change small parts of my day with a simple reminder. You can discover the “I AM” app in any digital app store for free. This digital platform sends daily affirmations to my phone every two hours. Over time, I noticed my negative thoughts turn positive, and felt myself affirm my dreams and desires. After using this app for around 6 months, I have gotten my girlfriends hooked, and have spent every day being reminded of the good I can bring into my life and the lives of others.

Incase you’re curious, here’s the link to check out the app yourself:

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